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"Operation Wolf Patrol: Wisconsin Wildlife Issues"

This short documentary– "Operation Wolf Patrol: Wisconsin Wildlife Issues," is the predecessor to the upcoming feature, "Operation Wolf Patrol" (OWP). 

"Operation Wolf Patrol: At the Gates of Yellowstone" (excerpt)

"Operation Wolf Patrol: At the Gates of Yellowstone" is a short documentary filmed at the edge of Yellowstone National Park during the 2014/15 wolf hunting season. The film chronicles the work of the Wolf Patrol as they monitor hunters in the field. 

"Operation Bear Patrol: The Weigh Station"

"Operation Bear Patrol: The Weigh Station" is a short observational documentary filmed at a game check station during Florida's 2015 bear hunt. The film chronicles the process of evaluating, measuring, and taking samples from a small bear killed on the first day of hunting after a nearly 20 year hiatus on bear hunting in Florida. 

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