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Operation Wolf Patrol is a character driven documentary that tells the story of eco-activist Rod Coronado as he emerges from prison and recommits himself to the protection of wild animals. The film follows Rod and his group of volunteer “wolf patrollers” as they attempt to end wolf hunting in the United States. Over the course of three years we watch Rod work to redefine his activism in an era– post 9/11, where some have called him an “eco-terrorist.” Rod’s current efforts are set against his 30-year involvement in radical environmental action. The film comes to a climax when Coronado's "Wolf Patrol" is met with a tightening of "hunter harassment" laws in WI. Now Coronado has to ask himself, if he is not willing to go to prison for eco-sabotage, is he willing to go back to fight a law that some are calling "unconstitutional."


The film is currently on the festival circuit.


About the Filmmaker:


Joe Brown is a filmmaker and educator currently based at the University of Denver. His documentary work has screened at: The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival; The Wild & Scenic Film Festival; AmDocs; the Birmingham Sidewalk Festival; the Dallas International Film Festival, and many more venues. See more of Joe's work at:

Contact Joe at: joe.brown[at]



Rod Coronado in Northern Wisconsin.

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